Machine and Plant Components, Engineering

Springmann offers experience and expertise in the development, design and manufacture of machine and plant components. In close practice-oriented cooperation with partners and customers, our components optimize operating, production and safety processes, increase the availability of machines and plants, and sustainably reduce maintenance costs. We develop, design and manufacture:.

  • Rotary connections
  • Swivel joints (swivel joints, articulated scissors)
  • Continuous casting rolls
  • Compensators
  • Connection technology and connection systems
  • Sealing technology and sealing systems
  • High temperature seals


  • Sprue claws and casting devices
  • Hot line knife
  • Mould tubes
  • Sintered gratings and impeller body


  • Autoclave
  • Recipients 
  • Dosing and multi-way valves 1000 bar
  • Vacuum, high and extreme pressure test benches 
  • Vacuum, high and extreme pressure locks
  • Precision dispensing devices


Not only are we experienced, we are also innovative.

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