Measuring and Testing Technology, Measuring and Testing Services

Springmann offers secure processes through process transparency. To achieve process transparency, we provide customers with measurements, tests and documentation of our production process, and we offer analysis of our operating and production conditions. This ensures the highest quality, increases efficiency and allows us to continuously monitor the condition of machines and plants, thus achieving process transparency for the purpose of production optimization.

Springmann monitors and analyses specific customer-specific requirements, specifications and operating restrictions with specially developed measuring, and testing equipment at the customer's site as well as in our in-house measurement and testing laboratory.

Springmann translates the knowledge earned through our production experience, as well as the knowledge gained from a wide range of operating processes, into production optimization for our customers.


Customer-side production optimization:

  • Sensor and measurement technology
  • Condition monitoring
  • Condition monitoring of machines and plants
  • Wear and wear pattern inspection
  • Process analysis
  • Process optimization
  • Process transparency


Laboratory and measurement equipment:

  • Pressure test on a 2500bar test bench 
  • Temperature test in 600°C/ 112°F climate chamber
  • Low temperature test down to -196°C/-321°F
  • Vacuum test
  • Material testing with spectrometer and Geiger counter
  • Long-term testing of products and components under customized media effect     under fully simulated operating conditions
  • High-pressure high-temperature endurance tests
  • Repeat tests according to DIN


Our advantage comes from experience and knowledge.

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